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About us

  • We supply Spraybooths,
  • Paint Mixing Rooms,
  • All Spraybooth Filters
  • Our services include FREE on-site evaluations
  • In-house manufacturing
  • Full spraybooth servicing
  • CAD drawings for paint shop
  • Electrical & Gass installations

Company Background

SES Ltd. has grown from being an electrical business to now owning and operating a full working sheet metal business. This has been a natural progression as spraybooths require a wide range of trades such as gas, electrical, sheet metal, air and roof flashings. In the past, trying to organise all of these trades to be in one place at one time was a major headache, and getting them to work together near impossible.

SES Ltd now offers customers a one stop shop. We do it all. Electrical, Gas, Air and sheet metal. If a spraybooth has a problem you will be dealing with the person who is going to fix it. Not a sub contractor who is busy on other jobs.

We started importing and selling Lowbake spraybooths in 1999. We are the sole distributor of Lowbake Spraybooths in NZ. We have spent a considerable amount of time and money promoting Lowbake to the point that the Lowbake name is considered to be the leading brand of spraybooths in NZ. This is backed up by the reliability of the product over this time.

Lowbake spraybooths are manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. SES Ltd manufacture our own paint mixing rooms and preparations bays. This has come about due to the high cost of transport from Australia and the lead times in getting equipment here.

Roger McQuillan - Company Director

My trade background is an industrial electrician. I got involved in the spraybooth industry through the normal course of my daily work as an electrician. Because of my dual registration (gas and electrical) it made it quite easy for me to sort out problems with spraybooths. As time went on spraybooths were becoming quite a large part of my work.

I then went on to work for a couple of different spraybooth companies before I finally started SES Ltd in 1996.